REGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN JOINING THE PrEPX-STUDY for South Australia and Tasmania. The STUDY is now opened in SA and expected to open in late August in Tasmania. If you are in South Australia you do not need to register on the waiting list you can contact one of the clinics directly to get an appointment to enrol. For Tasmanian's you will need to be on the Register as this will be the only way to access PrEPX in Tasmania.

PrEPX-in South Australia and Tasmania are funded by their respected State Governments and are part of the PrEPX Study which first commenced in Victoria in 2016 and which is sponsored by the Victorian Government, Alfred Health and the Victorian AIDS Council.

The PrEPX study is designed to examine the impact of expanding the use of PrEP on the rates of new HIV infections in Victoria and now South Australia and Tasmania. The study will offer 500 places to people at high risk of HIV infection in South Australia and 100 in Tasmania. The PrEPX study has been approved by the Alfred Health Human Ethics Committee.

PrEPX is enrolling people whose sexual, or injecting drug use activities mean that they have a high chance of acquiring HIV infection.

You can register your interest below in becoming a study participant in the PrEPX. This is the only place where you can register your interest in this study for Tasmania. We will let people on the list from Tasmania know when the study opens for you to make a clinic appointment.

All information on the registry will be kept confidential and only available to the PrEPX study staff. Of note, however, we may share your information with the clinic you nominated to access.

You can also follow the study preparation progress through The Alfred website .

If you have any questions please email us at for Tasmania or for South Australia or call 0429473138.

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